Stage1/2, DPF, EGR, SCR(Adblue), IMMO, DTC, VMAX off, CVN fix, Pops&Bangs

AXS Chip offers car ECU tuning for better performance.

How we all know than car manufacturers allow to tune car for better performance without damaging engine or other parts.

For long time it was expensive and hard to do job, but now you can order right tuning setings online.

We are proffesionals and every tuning doing manualy for client.

File Service

For editing maps we use software WinOLS for 100% results. Send us your original file using contact form below and we will contact you shortly.


On power remap we do individual changes for turbocharger pressure, fuel injection, rail pressure and more others.Possible ecotuning for fuel economy .

DPF,EGR,SCR (Adblue) off

We use various methods to disable DPF, Adblue and EGR systems. After successful shutdown. filter can be removed from. exhaust system, and other components can be unplugged.

CVN calculate (for VAG)

We can do CVN fix for your EDC17/MED17 tuned file. With our service the original CVN number remains the same after tuned file flashing so when the car go to dealer for some service it will help to not loosing warranty and for TÜV.

DTC/Sensors off/IMMO

DTC,Lambda,NOx, SAI, TVA,swirl flaps, Vmax, popcorn rev limiter, launch control, hotstart fix . IMMO off/ ecu cloning service